Call for Papers

Agronomy & Leaf Integrity and Phytopathology & Genetics

The Agronomy & Leaf Integrity and Phytopathology & Genetics Study Groups wish to encourage the submission of papers including but not limited to the following subjects:

  • Sustainability in tobacco leaf production (e.g. reforestation and biodiversity, curing fuel sustainability, water resources, GAP, soil conservation, improving efficiencies, crop production practices, farmer and field technician education, socio-economics)
  • Low nicotine (e.g. variety development, genetics, agronomic practices, economics)
  • Leaf chemistry (e.g. management of TSNAs, heavy metals, CPA residues, laboratory testing) 
  • Crop and environmental protection (e.g. CPA, IPM, bio-control, diagnostics, monitoring, organic production)
  • Breeding (e.g. technology and tools, variety development)

Abstract submission closed (extended deadline was Thursday, 23 May 2019)

Authors of submissions will be advised of the results of the Reading Committee selection towards the end of June.